Not feeling great

So many shouting voices in my head right now. The police is after me to arrest me because I cheated on a test. They are reporting my info to the FBI and the KCI. They are reading my mind. The hallucinations want me to yell and jump off of my apartment. They are commanding me to hate myself by harming myself more. They want me dead. The world is watching me suffer and now I am destined to die. The world is ending and the cars are moving closer to spy on me. I need to protect my family…they don’t deserve this. I can’t do this anymore. I want to scream. I’m terrified.


Do you have any PRN that you can take for emergencies like this?

Analysis complete. Dangerous threat danger danger stop sending waves please on the ground with some soup lying around with shrimp in the top

You are a danger now. Worthless im watching you watching you right now above yoh

What are you tylung probably dumb ■■■■ i know you

Hope you are better soon.

I took a sleeping pill but too loud

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Nobody is real. Im dead and a ghost around yoh arounf you stop floating what are yoh dkjng to ykhrself pleade stop i dont understand you knw?

Pls mitigate thann yoj yku afe wco.e i cant do this anhmkre but there is no one to help me

I feel like im gonna die i wish thefe was someobe to hold my habd

you ok @laetitia ?
Can we help in any way?

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Idk. Im basically lost and my head is floatingi n ghe air of some sort

Im terrified the monsgers lookin at me and wabting to de our ne

In vibba try to sleep. Goodnight prople

nighty night @laetitia
hope you feel better after sleepies

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Simple road gravel road which pTh is ajkajdi

Can you call your pdoc @laetitia ?
Do you have anyone who can come over to help you?

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I saw your previous threads so many self hate statements you are saying to yourself. That is not hallucinations or voices instead you consciously saying those. I think these hallucination content due to the cause and effect of self hatred you holding on to. You can change the content of these hallucination. For example carry positive thoughts in mind, love yourself, not put yourself down. Also not hold grudges to anyone. Love everyone. Forgive everyone. When you do those these voices and thoughts will also change and not frightening like these.

@everhopeful @Ares @rbrogan3 @pr21 @lekkerhondje
I’m out of psychosis again. Sorry guys. I took a sleeping pill and I started hallucinating and getting really paranoid. Welp.


So you’re feeling better? I hope so. If you continue feeling like that you really should go to the ER.

Yeah, I’m feeling okay right now. I don’t think I will be stable unless I get my results for my exams.

I’m still thinking my professor is conspiring with the authorities to arrest me.

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When do you get your grades? Soon, I hope