We're all here for the Discourse!



Uh, whoops???



@Moonbeam I think you broke something.


did we get hacked?


It was her dog. I keep telling her to get a cat, but the woman…

Just. Does. Not. Listen.



bbbbaadddd puppy… but if they get a cat… we might have to google translate kitten typing prints. :smile:


@MrSquirrel…whats this discourse all about, i see it on top of sz.com page…i pressed it but nothing happened…anyway, discourse means i believe exchange of conversation…but what is it all about?


@karl discourse is the name of the software we use on this forum. For a while, people have been asking szadmin to remove the word schizophrenia from the top of thre page. Looks like he listened! I highly prefer this!


We really need a sz pride movement.


Same I sometimes browse this forum at work or in public and I’m not out about my illness yet. Having the name change means I can safely browse without anyone being suspicious.


Wow! Discourse instead of the word schizophrenia.

I don’t know what to think.


It looks like @PatrickT made a caricature of the Discourse logo!


Dischizzz 1515151515


why…did they think, how about Ilness Forum , or sufferers discussion room, or best talk in the mental world, forum


no mrs zen kat chat has been taken


no ren the back button isnt cutting it .


i think it looks rubbish :confused: :poop:


I like the change. I like being able to browse in public without it being blatantly obvious I’m on a site for schizophrenia.


Yes its 10 times better.

It gives me so much more privacy when on my phone


it should say ‘‘gladiators’’


No one is ever here (or anywhere else) for discourse.

That would be a blessing if that were true…