We're all here for the Discourse!


Never even heard of the word “discourse” until today lol


I like turtles :blush:


I think it’s great, as said now you can browse the forum without looking over your shoulder.


It’s the same site. Not really that emotionally attached to the background nitty gritty. It’s still the same wonderful people which is what it’s all about.


listen, pleast do not exchange your marvelous canine companion for a smelly cat that neither loves you nor likes you unless you groom it or it wants to shed its fur on your black pants

  1. I’m not a dog person, wouldn’t describe them as marvelous. Mindless and annoying is more apropos.

  2. Also severely allergic to dogs and still couldn’t have one even if i liked them, which I don’t.

  3. I have an acute sense of smell and in my half century of living it’s rare to encounter a foul-smelling cat. Foul smelling dogs are common, especially given their habit of rolling in excrement. The cat’s box doesn’t smell if maintained properly (if you can smell it, you’re not cleaning often enough).

  4. Cats can and do show genuine affection. If you’re not getting it, it’s because they have decided you don’t deserve it. Don’t blame the cat for your not being good enough for them.


awww, Squirrel, Everyone loves dogs

what’s your problem, besides sneezing.

Deoge is my 3rd child.


Not true at all. Never understood having a dog when you can have a cat instead.


cats are boring imo :confused:


Cat’s are complex. You need to be equally complex to appreciate them.



no, i think dogs are far more complex than a cat, cats can be selfish, dogs are loyal and give you exercise.


I love my cat and my dog. They give me great comfort


LOL :open_mouth:



I love my dogs and brothers cats.

They’re all unique in how you get along with them.

Some cats are easily more affectionate than other cats, but they definitely are loving.

It took a week or so to get one of my brothers cats to like me.

I joke because of the way she crosses her arms when she’s laying on her ‘perch’ that she was probably some kind of royalty in a past life.

Then when she gets moody and doesn’t like you touching her I call her prissy princess. Lol

But it just takes time for some animals to like you.

Some dogs are not even all that loyal or friendly either.


This has been turned into the Discourse About Doggies thread. All is well in the universe! :blush:




My cat is a vegan.


You do realize that it’s a carnivore?


Please feed your kitty meat. They need a lot more protein than humans to exist! I hope you were joking!



Your pal @MrSquirrel