I never waste any food

When I have some food such as bread that is already bad, I cut this to small pieces and give it to black birds such as crows, jackdaws and others, no food is wasted. It is fun to watch these birds eating this food.


Wasting food is a huge problem in the western world. Good for you!

Struggle with vegetables going off only. Learnt to buy mostly frozen.

If you ever work for a place that serves large amounts of people you will see large amounts of food wasted. Seeing that made me less careful with what food I throw away. One thing I think is bad is people wasting medical care - people doing things the doctor told them not to do or doing other things that make them sick. I don’t have too much room to talk, though, because I’ve drank a lot, even though it is stupid to mix alcohol with your med’s.

My biggest problem is fruit and veggies, I try not to waste them, but it always happens. My neighbour gave me grapes, I stored them in the frigde and just forgot about them. They went to the trash, and they were delicious.

Thanks for the reminder. I have a loaf of bread I was going to throw out. I will feed it to the local ducks instead :slight_smile:

Birds also eat fruit cut up into small pieces, nuts too, and don’t forget a dish of frrsh water.

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I like to feed black birds, in this year there are a lot of crows and jackdaws, but very few magpies, I do not know what has happen to them.

Once I lived in another location and I used to cut sausages to small pieces and give it to black birds, I had like 20-30 black birds eating, mostly crows and magpies. These crows are very smart, I gave them food and suddenly in January they did not come any longer and they had gone somewhere. In few days the temperature fell to -30 C. So they had predicted the temperature change and had gone to some warmer areas.

Yeah my mom feeds the birdies old bread also

Rice-- the sticky rice at the bottom of the rice cooker is often wasted.

Once I saved one crow. This bird could not fly and winter was coming. The crow would have died because it could not fly. I captured it and put it to our spare room and then I did feed it with sausages and water, and the crow survived.

Crows are very smart, there have been studies that crows are much smarter than dogs, especially in problem solving. The size of their brain is big relative to the size of their body.


Yup I watched an awesome documentary on crow intelligence!