Went to group

I won’t write what we talked about, I could get in trouble. But after sharing and listening, I feel better.


well that is great !! something positive like that will hopefully keep you happier.


That’s really cool, cb. I’m not to the point where group would help me but I understand that if you’re ready for it, it can do good things for you.


thanks, i was a little nervous. i have been there four times now. i like the group leaders. there’s two of them and they take turns one will lead the group one week and the other will the next time.

i don’t know if i can do the home work this time though. its examining the wants, needs of both people in a relationship that i am in and write out the outcome.

i got two sheets of home work one for me and my partner and another for my mother in law.

i also did the check list test and discovered in the vast majority of my relationships that i am passive. i got 12 for 12 in the passive department.


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