Went to a birthday party out of town at my sister's

I just love driving on trips and I got to go to the town two towns over at my sister’s for her fiancee’s birthday. He didn’t want us to but we sang happy birthday to him anyways, and instead of cake she made coconut cream pies for Monnie. My sister’s name is Amy. Anyways, I had a blast and got to drink a couple beers…not for a buzz but just to sip. I love sipping beer. we had mexican food for dinner, enchiladas and fajitas…superb.


Wow that all sounds awesome. I had a beer today for the first time in a while. It was really good.

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Hey man, good for you on getting out and socializing!! Seriously dude, that’s a positive for you. I seem to remember you liked isolating a lot. Well maybe not liked it, but were forced to due to finances. Either way, it’s good for you to see other faces - man is a social creature.

I’m pretty fond of Mexican food too. Steak fajitas are my go-to, and I also like red sauce enchiladas. My wife cooks above-average tacos, but going out to get fajitas is a special treat that I look forward to. Last time I was there, I ordered their grande margarita. Couldn’t finish it. Got halfway into it, and handed my wife the keys. Potent! A waste of money, but next time I’ll get the smaller one. :slight_smile:

I sip Redd’s Strawberry Ale. There is a strawberry beer called Fruli that is awesome! It’s a craft beer, but it’s $16 for a 4-pack. Too expensive for me - I ain’t that rich! :smiley:

Looks like you’re making some good progress - that is all I’ve ever hoped for for you.

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Having a reliable car just paid off! What a great night you had! I’m happy for you @jukebox

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@anon40540444 I love frozen margaritas !! Strawberry margaritas are my favorite but I’ll take lime anyday. I generally try not to drink because it makes me want a cigarette. Time to quit tomorrow again. I quit about four times a month hoping some day it will stick. Your strawberry ale sounds wonderful. I will have to look for that.

@anon84763962 yes, thank you turtle. I am stoked about my new wheels.

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Life is as it should be in some ways, @jukebox…finally some good stuff! I’m super happy for you! It doesn’t take much, huh?! :blush:


It took me 4 years of trying to finally kick the nicotine. I tried vaping, and after vaping for 18-24 months, I just said that’s enough, put it down, and it was done. It was surprisingly easy. Haven’t ingested a milligram of nicotine in 6 months. I found the vaping to be a different inhalation experience. It was thicker than cigarette smoke, but not as harsh. I fiddled with nicotine strengths - 6 mg, 18, 24 mg, etc. In the end, I quit off of 24 mg. That was the strongest the vape shop sold, and that was it…done. I have a co-worker I bump into from time to time - she’s almost 80, has COPD, and still smokes. She says she just can’t quit.

@jukebox, I think it might behoove you to try an alternate method of quitting than cold turkey. So few people have success that way. Some states’ department of health offer free lozenges/patches/gum for up to 12 weeks in some places. Free. Shipped to your door free. Look into if your state has a similar program. Hell, I will look it up for you if you like. You’ve been trying continually, and that is admirable, but I think it might be time to make an adaptive strategy. :slight_smile:

Let me know if I can help.

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I get nicotine gum in the mail this week. i agree about going it cold turkey. I need help. good for you for being off smoking. you are an inspiration. Are you still in Arizona?

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@Hedgehog Life can surely turn on a dime. It’s been a gentle comfort to have money and a dependable car again. I owe it all to my mother and Angela. I am thinking about getting a part time job. It scares me but I am thinking like a stockperson at WalMart.

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No sir, been in central Illinois since November 2014. At first it was supposed to be temporary. Now it seems to be at least semi-long term. I can’t commit to this area - I’m not too wild about it. On the other hand, moving is such a pain in the neck, and anywhere I’d like to live (including the option of going back to AZ) is so expensive. It costs a lot and requires so much effort to move across country. I hail from Virginia originally, and idealize going back there. The cost of living there, ESPECIALLY in Northern VA is so damn high, I have to rule it out. Would love to live in the Shenendoah Valley. I romanticize that area, but my wife would have a hard time finding a decent job there. We have options but it seems we’re stuck here for now. Add to all this the fact that her parents are here, and they are old and in failing health. Murphy’s Law says that two weeks after we move away, we’d have to come back for a bit for some tragedy. Cause life is funny that way. :confused:

huh, I missed that part about you living in Illinois I guess…glad you’re safe dude…I was worried. I bet you aren’t looking forward to winter in Illinois?

Not a winter fan…can’t lie. This will be my third Illinois winter. First one sucked, second one was a piece of cake. Third year? I guess we’ll see. If recent weather is any indicator, it should be mild. Of course now that I’ve said that, it’s going to dump 3 feet 14 different times. :stuck_out_tongue: What is an OK winter like? I’m guessing lots of wind?

we have pretty harsh winters for Okie’s standards…temps at the worst get down to the teens a couple of days, but most days it’s like sunny and in the 40’s. watch it dump 3 feet 14 different times now here too…haha…

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That’s wonderful, @jukebox! Some job that has minimal stress and good hours would be so great! Hope you do find one! :four_leaf_clover:

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