Wellbutrin questions and psychosis

How are so many schizophrenics taking Wellbutrin? Doesn’t it cause psychosis? What’s the chance I’ll get psychosis if I ask for this antidepressant?

I’ve never had a psychotic episode with hallucinations. They tell me I did when the wellbutrin was increased from 45 mg twice a day to three times a day. To me it seemed like I was drugged.

I take 75mg instant release in the morning when I’m having active days. Otherwise if I don’t want to be active I don’t take it. I know it’s suppose to be build in your system or whatever but I been taking it off and on for a long time so I don’t even notice. If I take it then want to sleep in, I won’t be able to…so I only take it when I get up and am going to be busy

I’m back on 2 times a day and so far an OK.

I’ve taken Wellbutrin for a long time. I take Geodon and Seroquel with it, and I think they dampen its effects. I’ve given some thought to asking the pdoc to increase my Wellbutrin. I’ve heard it works by taking dopamine out of one area of the brain and putting it in another.