Wellbutrin experiences

I was taken off sixty milligrams ofcymbalta to 100mg ofwellbutrin. I am starting my third week of clozaril. What works well together? Right now extremely depressed and apathetic.

Tell your pdoc about your apathy and depression. Maybe they could add an antidepressant that will help.

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Thank you for your suggestion but I saw her today and all she did was up all my medications.

Wellbutrin was bad for me, I was depressed and wellbutrin made me anxious to the point of nausea. I couldn’t fall asleep at night and I couldn’t enjoy food anymore. Smoking also made bad combination with wellbutrin. The only reason I would recommend is if you sleep 16-18 hours a day, binge eating everything you eat. The problem with wellbutrin is that it increases dopamine and nanodrenaline, our antipsychotics block dopamine receptors so we end up with almost no dopamine and a lot of adrenaline aka anxiety instead which sucks really

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After my psychotic episode when I came down to reality is when I got hit with a very serious depression. I was lethargic, mentally tired, and sleeping a lot. I eventually got tired of that and spoke to my psychiatrist about it she put me on Wellbutrin. I started with 50 mg and it helped a little but the depression wasn’t completely gone so she bumped it up to 100 mg and eventually 200 mg. Slowly but surely as my depression went away my mood stabilized and I lowered the dose to 100 mg. It is helped a lot with energy, motivation, and my depression is no more so overall it helped a lot hopefully it works for you as well and it can take time but it worked for me very quickly.