Well, who functions with benzos on a daily basis?

I guess there are lot of people who take benzos every day in order to function. I wonder if I just can do this and start to pay efforts… I read from some people that the benzos can depress even cause they calm a bit too much, but maybe I have no choice :confused: .
Kisses people.


I usually only take them every few days, but the last couple weeks I’ve been taking them daily.

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currently I take one before sleep.

I see, led and om :slight_smile:
I wonder if there are people who take them for years… I guess its not good, it can make me too mellow I guess, but maybe ill need them. Otherwise, ill see those days this new doc. My last doc changed her place and its too far from me.

I get 14 diazepam per month on prescription, most days I don’t take any, other days I take 2 or 3 depending on how I am feeling, they really help calm my anxiety and irritability when I’m not feeling so good. I’m lucky that they calm me without making me feel sedated, but I know some people become very sedated and sleepy on them. Benzos are addictive too, so taking them too often puts you at risk of addiction, you have to be careful not to take them too regularly as I’ve heard withdrawals can be rather unpleasant. I think benzos are best used only as required and not daily, but that’s just my opinion.


I was on 3mg of Ativan daily for years. About 5 years. I am now off of it and I’m glad.

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