Well it's official everyone, I'm going back to school next month

I went to the community college today and took care of all the VA paperwork. I had a little bit of paranoia walking around campus.

But I think I’ll be able to handle this biology class. I’ve been studying for it almost everyday.

Now let’s hope I stick with this class. I only need 1 class to finish my associates degree. :sweat_smile:!!

Take care :v:


yay!!! Awesomeness!! woohoo go Chris my man!!!



Thank you Amiga :smiley:


Super excited for you!!

::does dorky happy dance::



Can I join in on the dorky dance? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Eeeeeeeee too much fun!

@Chrishasheart, you just tuck a few of those “dorky happy dances” inside your pockets and take them to class with you for protection of all things that harm.
Best wishes and finish that class, you CAN do it!


Thank you for the support @Csummers

I really appreciate it :smiley: !!


That’s great news @Chrishasheart. Is the biology class your final class to complete your AA degree? That should be a great incentive to stick with it and finish.

Also, biology seems like a pretty interesting subject. I never took college biology, but I did take it in high school. To this day, I remember that “the mitochondria is the energy bank of the cell” Gawd only knows why that stuck in my mind for decades. :smile:

BTW, if I remember correctly, @freakonaleash teaches biology so we have a subject matter expert on the forum.


Thank you @Moonbeam!!

Yes, this is my last class I need to finish my AA degree. It’s kind of funny all I need is to finish a lab, technically I’ve already done a science class, but it didn’t have a lab.

So long story short I need that 1 credit hour of the lab to finish up my A.A.

LOL That’s funny. Who knows why some things stick in our heads and some don’t.

And yes, I remember freakonaleash telling me he has a masters degree in biology :thumbsup:


Yep, intro bio is what I teach. For whatever reason, students from every program at the community college where I teach have to take that class. A lot of students find it to be a challenging subject, but I’m sure you will be fine. I always recommend to my students that they spend at least 20 or 30 minutes every day studying the material, especially on days when we meet for class. The most critical study time, I think, is after you get home from school after attending the class; study it while it is fresh in your mind.

Best of luck to you! :grinning:


That’s great advice!!

Thank you @freakonaleash I really appreciate all the support I am getting from all of you. :smile:


good luck, I hope you like going to school. I almost went back to school for business but I couldn’t handle the pressure

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So, are you just doing the lab then, no lecture?

I understand, I had to drop my last class because of stress.

I love school though.

Take care @cbbrown

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I am doing both, the lecture and lab. I think our college makes you take both.

Ok, I wondered because where I teach lecture and lab are parts of the same course; the students get one combined grade for both parts.

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Yep, that’s how my school does it too (combined lecture with lab in 1 course) :slight_smile:

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Congrats. I need 3 classes to get 2 AA degrees and 1 AS degree. Health, bio, and a kinesiology class.

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Thank you @insidemind :smiley:

Wow - that’s awesome you’re so close to getting all those degrees.

Congrats to your hard work!

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Awesomeness Chrishasheart. You can do it! Get that associate’s degree!

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