Well I'm headed to AA

Wish me luck guys. Kinda nervous.


good for you. to thine own self be true.

23 year veteran of the program. Feel free to PM me if you need support. :smile:

Good luck!



Good luck bro!!!

Good luck from the land of 15 characters!

Good luck dude 151515

Good luck! I know you’ll do wonderfully!

AA did wonders for my life. I’m trying to get back into it. I found quite a few friendly people in it and I learned a lot. I miss it and have every intention of getting back in it. Good luck and keep an open mind. I already told you how it affected my life for the better. I found that just being inside the group, just being in their company helped me tremendously, even if I didn’t talk. But I did talk, and I shared frequently.


So proud of you. I’d go with you if we weren’t so far away from one another.


It’s hard at first… and my first time made me edgy…

But in the end… it sure did help in the long run.

Good luck

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