Well, I think I'll go away for awhile

I have many times, but those coming down don’t have nearly the years I have in here.

I shouldn’t be forced off, but a few will do their works to make it so.

I’ll be back soon, I hope, but not sure. Some of these people who don’t have it under their belt think it’s all hate against me.

I like it here, but I’m terribly outspoken and gets me in trouble. They didn’t suspend me. So for awhile, so long. I’m going to Facebook.

Have fun. See yah when you get back.:apple:

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Bye bye 15151515

I think you should stay.You have your moments,but it’s because people do not understand you all the time.I say stay,here’s your place…


We’ll welcome you when you come back. Enjoy FB.


I will miss you if you leave. Enjoy your time on Facebook and hope you come back soon.

Stay and play. I wouldn’t let others put you off something you enjoy.


I think you should stay @Daze

I’m so going to annoy you on your FB then…:rofl::crazy_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::smiley:

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