Well, a psychiatrist walks into a nun's convent

(I don’t know how to finish this joke yet, I’m leaving it to the comedic services of @77nick77)


And the psychiatrist thought to himself, “these people dress nunny”

And the pyschiatrist thought to himself, “I’m assuming these nuns aren’t in need of any female Viagra”

He asks," is this the place I catch the red-eye to Las Vegas?"


You owe me 5 mins of my life back.


The psychiatrist asks "Have you seen anyone here acting funny."
The nun says "There is a comedy hour every tuesday at 8"
The psychiatrist says "No I mean is there anyone here that not quite right."
The nun says "Sister Beatrice thinks a local man is possessed by a demon and we all agree"
The psychiatrist leaves and says “There is no pill I can prescribe to you good day madam.”

Anyway I tried.


Looks around for a several seconds, than walks back out immediately, mumbling to himself, " I must be hallucinating. The plumber on the phone told me this was the best place to lay some pipe but all I see are funny hats on frowning women".


lol, why? because the idea isn’t funny or you tried to think of a joke unsuccessfully?

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Probably both lol.

Haha, the 60s and 70s was a good time for TV shows!

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Happy forum anniversary today 77nick77!


Thanks @everhopeful. I wasn’t even aware that it was my anniversary.

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Well a psychiatrist walks into a nuns convent, he looks around rises a hand “Sister Mary? I am a size 12 please”


He looks around for a minute and says, “You people have terrible taste in clothes.
Now can I get a sandwich or something? I? I’m starving and I have to see my next patient in an hour”.

There was a cake icon next to your name :cake:

Anyone heard that joke about a nun and a martini?

Nun: My habit is made of wool and is chafing my thighs

Psychiatrist: I believe I have a solution

Nun: What is it?

Psychiatrist: A Freudian slip


I saw a nun at ikea two weeks ago, wonder what the convent needed from ikea.

A hernia. That Ikea furniture is impossible to put together without a rocket scientist helping you.


Oh I like putting together stuff from ikea, giant puzzles :smile: Not the heavy stuff though, those give me back problems.