Well 2 weeks till homelessness

I don’t even know what to say at this point. This is going to be the 3rd time I’ve been homeless couch surfing. Mom got into to many loud fights again. She also got the car totalled drunk driving again so we dont have that either. Not alot of options right now. I have my grandpa for mabey 1 week or so at a time (him and mom hate each other), grandma (300 miles away in the big overwhelming, loud, city of Sandiego, right next to my barley broken up ex who has no idea), and a scary, unstable, unmedicated bipolar aunt, and a guy my mom introduced me to a week ago. I feel really lonely right now.

Oh man, that’s terrible. Can’t you work something out? Maybe housing it’s an idea.

I’m sorry, Teo. That is a bad situation to be in. Hope you find a solution.

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Yeah we have been trying. We have been applying to house all over and get shut down over and over on account of my moms background. Alot of places don’t allow dogs either. I really don’t want to leave my dog.

Oh, I see. So finding an apartment is not an option right now? How about sharing an apartment with someone else, is that a custom there in the US, it is here in Portugal

Can you get hooked up with a social worker, they could help.

We have bee looking apartments. But they dont like dogs and most of them know my mom already (its a small town). I could probably leave and get an apartment of my own, but i would need a car and or go back to college. The cars gone. So far college seems like the best idea, i can get financial aid from them, but i just dropped out because it started to make me unstable. I also don’t think i can live with leaving my 5 year old little brother behind.

I really hope you find a solution for this. Wishing you the best

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You can always stay at the job corps for awhile