Weirdest $hit just happened

I made a song yesterday and I sent it to a lot of people, posted it on YouTube . Someone called up my number from a New York City area code singing my song to me. I feel like they liked it. But then they hung up when I asked who they were lol. Wtf??? I feel honored but a little sketched someone got hold my number.

Why don’t you call the number back?

Even if they don’t pick up,

They probably have their name on their voicemail.

I reversed looked it up and there were three complaints of it being a scammer or something on google. Maybe a spoofed number Or who knows what . I might try now

NYC is pretty close so it could just be someone I know messing with me. It only has 28 plays on SoundCloud and 2 on YouTube . My friend said “sounds like something I would do but it wasn’t me”.

I feel a little better now

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