Weird thoughts and dreams

before my actual diagnosis… the dreams and the reality felt like it was one in the same… I was not living in reality… I was living and reacting to a reality of my own making.

After the dx… the dreams got fragmented… lot’s of very unassociated stuff floating around and just odd images… no flow.

When I’m hit with anxiety…and try to sleep… I have very restless dreams… I end up sleep walking.

I have been having intense dreams from my nicotine patch, but they’re not lucid. I tend to forget them anyways and I rather not share them.

you shouldn’t wear nicotine patch to sleep. i’ve had some bizarre dreams also during psychosis.

A part of our mind services as a scarecrow to prevent us from shutting down permanently in our sleep.

Take into consideration if you went to bed one night, felt warm, comfortable and dreamed that you were living in complete contentment. Good chance our brains would turn off, eh?

From studying myself and what others before me have testified too; that scarecrow simply makes sure we don’t die or break something while in a trance like state.

The fault tripping that scarecrow is a lot of what brings on the SZ in general. It’s more or less the brain trying to drop into a sleep state while awake and the brain attempting to scare us out of that dangerous trance.

Jot down your nightmares - you’ll notice that most start when you begin looking for a toilet in your dreams…you know; creepy restrooms with shadowy people in them? …so we don’t wet our beds?

They did an experiment placing a sleeping man’s index finger in a glass of water; he dreamed that he was drowning. The brain probably didn’t know it was a glass of water but it could’ve been alert to ship wrecked sailors still laying unconscious on the shore of a beach or people sleeping during a flood.

Last night I dreamed I had sex with a woman while riding a bicycle. I guess that’s kind of weird.

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I dreamed that I was sakura from Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle, and going on an abstract adventure with the characters in it last night. I actually felt fleetingly happy for like a minute. Two nights before I dreamed that I was part of a human experiment and was part of the first generation that was taking pills and other things, and that it was negatively impacting humanity. The dream ended with needles going into my kidneys, and when i woke up, my kidneys were feeling a pricking sensation until I went to the bathroom. At least I think it was my kidneys, cuz it felt about in the same place as my kidneys are. The night before I dreamed that we were really all just neanderthals. I went off of antidepressants because they gave me the same intense nightmare every night of being eaten alive by dinosaurs over and over and over again every night. I’d always wake up periodically in a cold sweat. So yeah, I was more miserable on the antidepressants than off because my dreams were such nightmares and when I was newly diagnosed with schizophrenia I felt like I had no hope for a future and that felt like a nightmare in and of itself.

Thanks your words give me hope but ive lost any sense of “power” during my psychosis.