Weird dreams on seroquel

Anyone else get this? Every night now I have such lifelike dreams. And so many of them too. A very weird thing is often in these dreams I am sedated, like my asleep self is very aware of the fact that I am being kept asleep by medication. A couple times even in dreams I looked over to see a pill bottle in my hand or was trying to spit pills out of mouth so it’s even further symbolism there. I couldn’t even go on 100 mg because the dreams became too insane and I was trapped in them, I couldn’t claw my way out. (They’re not all nightmares but when they are nightmares it’s horrible)

It is such a weird phenomenon. Also despite being at only 50 mg which is nowhere near a therapeutic dose for psychosis & is really just a sleep aid, I have had no psychotic symptoms in weeks. Sleep is everything…


Last night I woke up 2 times because of nightmares :zombie:


I get weird dreams on Seroquel. And like you, I can’t wake myself up from them, which is frustrating.


That’s really good news @Ann, the part of your post where you say you have had no psychotic symptoms in weeks. So happy for you, this may be a crucial step in gaining a little freedom from your problems.


I also have weird dreams on Seroquel too so youre not alone.

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I am pleased that the Seroquel is helping you sleep, as I know you have had psychotic symptoms when you had insomnia.
Many medications that help people sleep cause strange dreams, and the ones that don’t cause strange dreams seem to cause daytime sedation.
When Seroquel is taken between 25-100mg it acts as a sedative, and a antipsychotic at higher doses.
I have not used Seroquel for over 10 years because it didn’t suit me.


Seroquel is a nice name for an angel.

And Abilify could be Superman, right?

Abi in estonian means help…so abilify would be a nice name for a superman or superwoman.

Zyprexa is someone from the underworld. Maybe the ruler of Mordor.

Risperidone is a humans name.


What about Invega :question: I’m on it…

I tried 25mg it gave me restless legs I just tried it for sleep.
It actually felt like taking 1 benadryl

I’m on 1400mg of Seroquel and sometimes I have nightmares with Zombies. It’s different kinds of Zombies and when they manage to reach me I wake up scared.

It’s a strong antihistamine so in that way it’s very similar to Benadryl!

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More weird seroquel dreams…(warning may be triggering)

It felt like an OBE almost, not saying it was an OBE just that the physical sensations were so real and at times it really felt like I was leaving my body.

Can’t recall a whole lot. I remember thinking I wanted to have sex…then suddenly physically feeling someone on top of me. This of course superbly freaked me out and I started to cry and said “no, I don’t want this” I prayed to God for it to stop and it did.

Then I was in a yellow room. It was empty except for a bed, a closet and a closed door. It was very well lit. I was lying in bed trying to sleep…and felt myself being tugged off the bed. It was like little tugs one at a time so I was just slowly being pulled off my bed. I wasn’t scared actually, I was more very curious as to what was going on because the sensation was so weird. When I slipped onto the floor and kept getting tugged I realized I was being pulled towards the closet…I didn’t want to go there because I then remembered in a recent previous nightmare the exact same thing had happened, I was dragged to the closet while I was half sedated and then raped before waking up quickly. So I rejected the tugging (mentally) and suddenly was back in the bed like I had hopped back into my body.

As I relaxed I then felt myself float out of my body again. It was startling but I decided to stay calm. I floated up towards the walls of the room. I was going to see if I could go through them, when I noticed writing on the walls. It was here and there and small enough so you couldn’t see it from far away. I hovered up to the different patches of writing and tried to make out what they said but couldn’t. It was in English and written clearly I just couldn’t hold the words in my mind, like I couldn’t focus properly to read them.

Then I was outside, in some sort of backyard or garden. I was being dragged again, through grass this time, towards a bunch of tall shrubs. Worrying it would end the same way as the closet dragging I kept sort of teleporting back to my original spot in the yard, only to be dragged again. I couldn’t fight the dragging, I couldn’t really move at all, again it was like I was half asleep in the dream, sedated. Eventually I gave in and let myself be dragged behind the shrubs. There were dead leaves there and I felt them scratch me and heard them crackle under me.

When I was behind the shrubs I was flipped onto my belly and lifted up by my feet, like a wheelbarrow. I wondered if I would be raped again…but I kept felt myself being lifted higher and higher, if I am going to be raped, how tall must this guy/thing be to have to lift me up so high?! Instead of anything sexual I felt a sharp pain in my pinky toe, like something bit it!! I panicked worrying the thing was trying to eat me. Then I fake woke up.

I “woke up” in my old house. I remember delaying checking the time because I was worried I’d slept in too late to do fun birthday things with my little sisters…I went downstairs and saw my mom who asked if I was planning to take them to target and I said no a video game arcade…she snidely said “Ok that will last like 15 minutes…” then I woke up for real. Ironically I had been trying to think of where I could bring my sisters to pick out a birthday gift lately and couldn’t think of a toy store near me. The dream made me remember target sold toys, lol!

Anyways that was the whole thing. Very very surreal. Also all of that happened within being asleep for only 1 hour.

That’s actually a common physical sensation I get in those vivid dreams, being dragged, or lifted. Sometimes even carried, like cradled.

I’ve currently been on 200mg of seroquel for a few months and haven’t experienced any lucid/vivid dreams. However I used to get frequent sleep paralysis before starting seroquel, but that had stopped so far since taking this med.

Seroquel gave me the weirdest dreams! I kinda liked it though, they were so vivid I could always remember what happened.

I also lucid dreamed quite a lot. Once I realized I was dreaming I could control what happened, it was really cool. I never lucid dreamed before being on seroquel.

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When they’re good dreams they’re fantastic! Like one I had the other day where my dad bought me a ton of pets, and I remember I could so clearly feel the warmth of softness of the bellies of puppies I was petting. Or another where I jumped up on top of a giant pillar and was looking out at this gorgeous canyon that somehow also had greenery thrown in.

I’ve had lucid dreams since I was a kid but when they’re lucid and vivid they’re super cool I agree.

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when i was on seroquel a while ago and slept all day i dont remember my dreams from than but i was on too low of a dose for it to do anything for my psychosis, now im on olanzapine i get good sleep but have lucid dreams every night and sleep paralysis almost every night

Same thing to me. If I don’t have any strange or vivid dreams which it means the dose is too high to suppress it however daytime sedation would carry on for all day long. So I grew to accept lucid dreams and somewhat learn how to let it go and did not bother me much anymore.