Wedding anniversary in May! Here's the plan!

So I know May is a good while away but might as well plan now! So as stated before in some posts I live in Arkansas meaning I live somewhat close to the buffalo river, I’m not sure if anyone has been to this river but there is a lot you can do there! So we are planning a full week at a cabin! At this cabin they provide a smoker, grill (looks like it’s gas not charcoal), and a fire pit! Inside the cabin they do not provide a oven but that’s okay I know how to cook and bake in a grill! It’s not far from a river full of fish so we’ll fish, and do a float trip, maybe a hike or two and just enjoy the outdoors! We’ll keep our phones on us but we aren’t gonna use them much! I’m really excited! We’re saving up now and get this! The cabin costs half of what a hotel or even a motel room would cost and we get more privacy! For our honeymoon David surprised me with where we stayed and it was really nice but it cost over $1,500 for 7 nights! This cabin is gonna cost $575 for a full week! I’m really excited!


Sounds like a nice getaway!
Hope you guys enjoy yourselves.

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That sounds great!

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@ZmaGal @Wave thanks y’all! I hope so too!


Awhhh, sounds like a sweet romantic get-away. How exciting!

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Get married by a JP only and save the $$$ from a wedding for a down-payment on a home. Expensive weddings are a waste.


@anon44466342 thanks! I hope it will be

@velociraptor get this, David’s great uncle is a JP so he did it for free! We tried to pay him and he handed it back to David and said take her somewhere nice to eat lol! It was also a front yard wedding so it costed about $500 (not including my dress and his suit) for the wedding ceremony and reception! It was great!


What is a JP? edit aha - justice of the peace. I got ya.

We are having our wedding in a registry office, not a church which is around £400 but it was important to me to have a non religious wedding. My dress cost £40, same as what the flower girls dresses cost and we aren’t doing expensive rings. Obviously there’s more costs involved than that but basically the big things, we’re doing sensibly.

I’m personally already struggling with paying for things and am very nervous about paying for the evening meal. We’re having about 25 people, thats it. I don’t know how or why people do big weddings.


I got married by a JP and rented out a veterans hall for a small reception.
Didn’t cost a lot of money.


@anon44466342 well at my reception we just had homemade punch and cake and talked to our friends and family before leaving for our honeymoon! As for the dress I got it half off (I wanted a nice dress because I’m not getting married again and I wanted it nice) my rings were the most expensive thing (worth $3k paid $2k) I mean I’m gonna wear it forever so of course I want it to last forever (also my mom’s doesn’t fit, my finger swelled and I couldn’t wear it anymore)

@Wave nice! My reception was just in the house lol


Hope you enjoy!

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@Yellowdiamond thanks! Really think we will!

it’s not like marriage though.

marriage is subtle, and trying. it isn’t a celebration.

@Daze I’m glad to be married and to us it’s a celebration of love


I absolutely love and adore my husband. We are still very much in love after 8 years.


Getting close to 10 years! Congratulations on being married so long and still being in love!

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Your anniversary sounds like a lot of fun! I hope you have a blast! :relaxed:

My first anniversary was not good, because I was wildly psychotic and not diagnosed yet. So… I wasn’t on meds. I totally ruined the trip.

BUT! Our 7 year anniversary (last July), we went to the same place that we went to on our first anniversary, and it was so much fun!! I felt so bad about ruining the first year. I’m so happy that we did it again and made good memories!

The place was Park City, UT. The old Park City Main Street has tons of restaurants, shops, art exhibits, and they have the Farmers Market, plus the festival called “Park Silly”, on Main Street! Super fun.

Take lots of pictures!! I love looking at pictures that Hubby and I took, throughout the relationship, reminding us of all of our fun times we’ve had! :relaxed:


@Twialine Wow feels like yesterday you got married.

That sounds like an amazing week planned. :raised_hands:

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@Kxev I know! It’s kinda crazy how fast the time went by lol!

I guess. I don’t have to be married to know it’s not just for show.