Marriage hmmmmm

We were discussing it for future … He said we having no more than 40 guests each which to be frank is damn tough :flushed: and I want a destination wedding … but that depends on the costs.

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My friend had a destination wedding in italy and it was gorgeous. It also cuts down on the guest list, since not everyone can come.

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destination wedding? what’s the destination jamaica? it’s expensive. if i ever get married it’s by an elvis impersonator or something

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That’s one of the reasons I was thinking it’s a good idea. Plus if you’ve seen Indian weddings 40 guests is nothing. We usually have in the region of 500 each. So I want a destination one it will be cheaper overall.

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But that also depends on where it will be. If I go for Disney I’m looking at 15000 or more.

las vegas has drive through wedding chapel and lower crime rates than a few destinations. i wouldn’t ever leave my country.

Nice … :flushed:

disney is a place to take a kid. I’ve been there twice.

:blush::blush::blush: going there soon :flushed::flushed::flushed: and I’m a big kid so…

if you like disney movies you will like it because you have never been there. it’s not really a place for an adult, it’s like a candy store.

So no adults go there? None

that’s why my friend did it, too. Her husband is Irish, and they have to do open bar for the entire village if it’s local.

What’s a place you’ve always wanted to travel? That can be your destination. Even if you can’t get married in Disney because of the costs, you could get married in Florida, California, or the city near whichever Disney you want to visit, and then honeymoon in Disney.

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mostly people with kids. it’s not a regular amusement park. it’s an amusement park for little children not teenagers.

When I say Disney I mean Europe :scream: anything that requires flight would be too expensive :flushed::scream:


my cousin worked at disney too. i think she wanted to get famous.

Aha I’m in my 30s :scream:

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you can get famous working at disney she did not though, she’s wealthy.

My sister in law got married in Las Vegas. There were just a handful of us that went. The ceremony was nice on a Gondola in that hotel that resembles Italy. I can’t remember the name of it. I always stay at the MGM Grand.

They are divorced now. Her second failed marriage. Lost a good brother in law. We are still friends on Facebook but I never see him anymore. He was a good guy.

I need a new brother in law. Sister in law is about 44. She’s a LPN and needs a new man.

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This is an Airbnb next to a really cool german castle for fairly cheap. Mr. Star and I dream of staying there one day, when we can afford the 2k plane tickets.


I know dozens of adults that go several times a year with no kids. Several of them even have kids but they don’t take them along because there are things there for adults specifically.

I don’t get the Disney crazy, though.