Web site goes down

this website goes down for me every time i come back and start interacting. Why is that?
I think its really ironic that when I finally accept the diagnosis and go here for support the site goes down for several days.

I haven’t seen any long down times lately. What browser are you using?

I use safari and it was the only site I couldn’t get onto the last two days but today is ok

it just goes down all the time man. We all probably feel that way… like it’s got something to do with us. We are schizophrenic sir. Solipsistic assholes in other words.

If you mean me I am not a sir but I know what you are saying but its creepy because its true when I come on this site it will go down then I leave for a long time then come back and try to get involved and same thing happens. I am really wondering for real not in schizo terms if i am being monitored.

I was unable to get on for the last two days, was finally able to get on this morning around 12…

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The site was in a “read only mode” when I logged in now. But suddenly in was normal.

I get stuck in read-only mode a lot. Sometimes I can go forever without having problems. Other times I’m desperately trying to get in from any device I can just for a sense of connection.

That last part was a bit dramatized but I think the last time I couldn’t get in for awhile was during an update.

Sorry - we had some issues with the main site for a day, but strangely enough these forums were actually still active if you went directly to

I’ve fixed it now and we shouldn’t have the problem again.

Sorry for the outage!


Thank you for all the hard work, SzAdmin and pixel.