Is it me or it is down

Did anyone have a problem connecting to the site? Or is it just me?
I got a “Bad gateway” message.
Its like an empty Hall right now.
Heey anybody there? :scream:

It was down. 15…

Thanks. It wasn’t the first time but i thought it was me. Couldn’t sleep before i get to know :slight_smile:

Let’s see if this works. I was having trouble making posts.

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And answering them (in my case) before the outage. Maybe they were trying to fix that.

It was down - took me like an hour to get in

what is down …?
my trousers !?!..aaaaarrrrhhhhhhhhhh !?! :scream_cat:
not again…
take care :alien:

Happens from time to time. Mostly while most of you are off sleeping. I presume it’s just a site software upgrade .

Yeah i usually check it on the but sometimes i think that they are lying. :disappointed_relieved:

Fits right in here for sure.

(I wish you either spoke idiomatic English… or we understood idiomatic Croatian, Serbian or whatever. Knowing you better now, I strongly suspect there’d be no more “public misunderstandings” whatsoever.)

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Yeah no one really gets my sarcasm. Neither my jokes. And irony. And metaphors. :slight_smile:

I just found a nice app with 10000 english idioms so…brace yourself :joy:

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Uh, oh. :fearful: :worried: :laughing:


Since the like listings has just been improved. i’m going with it was a site upgrade again.

I check a few is it down for everyone or just me sites. Very much a 50/50 on the answer until after about 15 mins they all say “it’s down. it’s not you”

Extremely screwy software this Discourse . I think it’s still in it’s beta which may explain it.

I don’t think it’s screwy at all, it’s just that the site goes down for a bit when it’s being upgraded. Anyway I don’t like the look of the ‘new look likes’. Grrrrr… (on mobile at least).