It is okay to wear American military clothing

Maybe not so in America if you are not involved in the US military, but here it is okay. I got the US Marine corps hat, it was just 1.5 euros at one flea market, and I have been wearing it sometimes. Would you wear military clothing?


I like military clothes, like Stalin’s, like Che or Fidel

i wore enough military clothing when i was in the army. I still have my uniform but i think it’s probably too small now =D. I don’t wear military clothing now.


I have a friend and he has a collection of Che’s shirts. He wears these daily.


Haha Che’s image is so much sold in t shirts

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I used to wear some military clothing during the late 80s when it was in fashion.
I no longer wear military clothes.

I was never in the military.

There used to be lots of Army Navy stores throughout the States where they sold military clothing to the masses.

They were in vogue during the 80s and 90s

Now a lot of them closed.


It is interesting that fashions come and go. We have one store in my little town that specializes used military clothing, English, American, Serbian and so on. Then at one flea market they are selling used American military clothing, Air Force and so on. I think that this fashion is not going anywhere here where I live. I have rain clothing of Norway’s military and it is very good when it rains and when I ride my bicycle.

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You generally don’t see that much of it here in Canada unless it’s the ultra-conservative types.

@velociraptor It is interesting how our societies are different.

Yes here too. Some ultra nationalists wear military pants.

I think your okay, go ahead.

It is strange how our societies are different. I am no ultra-national or any political person, but I still like to wear my camouflage military pants. We are living in so complex world. I have also the US military boots but they are quite heavy to wear and I have not been wearing them.

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Where I used to live in reno woodland camo is popular I wear that type of camo often, but only vets wear like branded branch apparel like an army hat. It’s different everywhere and there are people in the US that impersonate military personnel to get special treatment and it’s called stolen valor.

I don’t think it’s appropriate to wear military clothing or hats unless you are military.

My dad and both my grandpa’s were career Navy and my uncle is a career Marine.

I was always taught to thank people wearing military clothing or hats for their service.

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My grandfather fought in the 2nd WW, my father was a pioneer and I am reservist corporal.


I’m in the US and have a camouflage jacket, but it isn’t military issue as far as I know. I bought it because it was cheap, and it’s my favorite jacket for cool weather.

I have two camouflage jackets, one German and one Serbian, they say that the military clothing is made to last, but I have zippers broken in both jackets. I used to wear them a lot. It is difficult to fix these zippers.

I am a backpack person and I use one backpack daily. It is Miltec’s backpack. Their website is

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If you were not or not in the military, you should not be wearing military uniforms. :honeybee::honeybee::honeybee:

Thanks @mjseu 15

I have military boots and two camo shirts. I wear these often.