Weakening eyes

Have you guys ever had any eye problems from APs.

deteriorating eye sight, weakening eyes etc…

I feel like my eyes are getting worse over the period of this year…


Talk to ur shrink…

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Me too. My vision is really blurry at night because of my ap. I rarely drive at night because of it. My eye doctor cannot help me with this. It sucks.

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My eyes get a bit blurry sometimes . so it’s not a permanent thing. But one thing I’ve noticed is I have a lot more floaters.

Yes, I have had this problem. Lithium was one of the worst for that. Try getting a cheap pair of glasses from a dollar store or somewhere. I was surprised to find that they made me see better. I now have astigmatism and have prescription glasses. I can see better sometimes than others though. Not sure what that’s all about.

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“better at sometimes than others”

yup.right here.pretty sure i can answer that one for you.

Dry Eye.

It causes loss of visual accuity even with glasses. To confirm simply do this a few times:

the next time your eyes blur up, close them. roll your eyes in a circular motion left, up, down, right. continue this, with eyes closed, for 30 seconds. Open them. Look at screen text. Is the text more clear? then the blur comes back in 5 to 20 seconds?

yes = dryeye

systine is best, for drops

if it keeps up, tiny tube of sterile patrolium jelly, one tiny tiny bit 5 min. before bed. improvement by third day.

run a cool mist humidifier

PITA solved.

me too… 2757808669uuhy7

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