We’re having a baby!

My partner is pregnant, due in September. I feel a strange and sometimes overwhelming combination of fear and excitement (more so excitement). Are there any sz parents out there that wish to offer advice?


I’m due in May. My advice is to tell your treatment team and they will get you as much support as possible through the pregnancy and also after birth. Congrats.


@KVH I have a few questions.

How old is your wife and are both of you schizophrenics?

@Qwerty The same question about both you and your partner being schizophrenic applies. May I also know your age?

Congratulations @KVH :baby:

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’ It can be great! lots of luv, Sesame Street, and books!


Always stay on your meds.

Don’t ever blame the baby (later toddler and then older kid) for your symptoms. They aren’t responsible for how you respond to stress. Part of being a parent is learning to cope with a LOT of stress.

Take lots of breaks. Especially mom.

Always accept help from others. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Friends are usually happy to help you out.

Again, stay on meds!

If you aren’t in therapy, get in it. It is valuable to have someone else non-judgmental to vent to about everything. They can offer advice for handling stress.


I think staying on meds and working closely with your drs and therapist is imperative. Congratulations!!!

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This is so big. As new parents, Mr. Star and I felt guilty asking for help. But it isn’t really possible for even neurotypical parents to raise a kid with no help. For thousands of years parents have relied on help from parents, siblings, other parents in their community, etc.

Remember that sleep is a need for both of you, and that there won’t be enough of it for either of you. Find creative ways to sleep. My solution was to fully childproof one room and then just let the kids play in there while I slept on the floor during the day. You might find another solution. As long as your solution does not put yourself or the kids in danger, don’t feel guilt over it.

Remember you and your partner are a team. You’re about to add 168 extra hours of workload to your week, so remember to divide that time as evenly as you can, and to do your best to help each other find time to rest.

Raising kids is wonderful and amazing, but also really stressful. Book extra therapy appointments if you can. Talk with your partner. Try to have a scheduled date time every week so you can spend time just with each other, no kids allowed.

Don’t waste time fretting over organic baby food, screen time, cloth vs disposable diapers or whatever. Kids will be fine either way. Do what keeps you sane.


Congratulations @KVH!

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Congratulations! :tada:

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Congrats dude!! :heart:

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Go to parenting classes. Children will amaze and frustrate the crap out of you. I don’t care if you’re dad/mom of the year you need parenting class.

You won’t have time as much to pursue what interests you but be sure to make a little time so you don’t lose yourself.

Make sure to eat enough at regular times. Low blood sugar levels make people irritable.

If your baby gets constipated don’t put more than a teaspoon of kyro syrup in the baby’s full bottle. I put a tablespoon in my baby’s cos that’s what I thought the old lady told me. Anyway it made my daughter very sick. Better yet ask the doctor.


Congratulations!!! As a father of 4 great kids who are all in their late 20s and 30s now I can say becoming and being a father was the greatest development in my life. I loved every minute of it.



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Just me. I’m 28 and she is 26


Thanks for the congratulations and the great advice everyone. We’re looking forward to this adventure


Congratulations. Always exciting.

Congrats man, and jeez I havnt seen you here for ages wow.

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Congratulations. I second Loke’s opinion–go to parenting classes.


Hey, congratulations! That is great.

I loved the time son was a baby, but it was also rough. I would say follow your feelings and instincts, especially when the baby is small. I (as a mum) was nervous at times during pregnancy “i cant be a mum, i dont know what to do”. I noticed mothering a baby came much more naturally than i expexted to. Not by following all the rulebooks, but by being close to my baby and sensing what he needed.

Also: take good care of yourself and your partner. I forgot i was important too. If you dont care well for yourself and your partner, the both of you cant take good care of the baby.