We have a little cool here, -21 celsius

This is -5.8 F degrees.

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That’s cold!


My high freeze look :smile:


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When it gets below -30 celsius I have a skimask in which only my eyes and mouth are visible. In some places it may fall to -40 celsius, that is -40 F degrees, little cool :smile:

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It was 1F/-17C here last week. It’s warmer now but I’m expecting it to get cold like that again.

Please pretty please swap places with me…I’m melting in 41oC+ heat atm!

In Eastern Oklahoma it got up to 60 F yesterday.

I know how it is to be in a very hot weather, when I stayed in my auto in America I used to spend some time in Key West, a subtropical island and it was hot there in the summer and I got bored and could not stay longer than two weeks at most, I like when it is a little cooler, I am prepared to these very low temperatures. But in six months it is a Hawaii shirt weather here too.

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My God, what does it feel like to be in -21C??? The coldest we get here in Cape Town in the winter in the day is about 12C!

It feels good,but you need to have proper clothing. I have very good winter clothing. I have two very warm winter jackets and I use one only when it is -30 celsius. You know it is all about one’s attitude.

This weather thing is much about one’s attitude. I remember when I lived over two years in my auto in America and in winters it got a little cool, below 32 F (0 celsius), I slept in my sleeping bag in my auto. I had a cat and he became cold and he came inside my sleeping bag.

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Once when I lived in my auto in America I visited one Next Generation Internet show in Washington D.C. and I met there executives of these Internet companies. It was October and the freeze came and I had to stay in my auto in one parking lot and I had not prepared for this freeze and I had my auto running while I slept in it. I woke up in the early morning and noticed that there was carbonmonoxide in the auto. Good that I woke up and I am still here writing. I could have died there then in that car.

Please tell me more about ice and snow. It’s about 8.30pm and at about 30oC+ here

I’ve never seen snow other than photos, movies etc. So I’m starting to think it’s just a tourism ploy to get people to visit their countries.,

LOL it is not a tourism ploy, we have a lot of snow here and all lakes are frozen and in this year seals of Saimaa can have their winter nests without any help, the population of wolves has also doubled within one year. Wolves love winter, which why some people like to have special permits to decrease this population. In my opinion this wolves population can still increase.

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This time of year it’s snakes that are the problems for us mainly these guys.

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I know what you mean about cold and your attitude. I learned that in the army. If you keep your attituce up and keep moving the cold is so much easier to bear. However, I find it impossible to do that on an anti-psychotic. Those med’s have turned me into a weather wimp. I can’t take very much cold or very much heat. I get bummed out by the cold. I can’t stop it.

In this year brown bears can also sleep peacefully and have their baby bears in their winter nests. Hopefully in the spring we have many more bears.

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We have deadly drop bears…

Only kidding.

I completed my military service in the air defence unit where people had something wrong with them. We still had some winter camping in tents, but then there are those others who are dropped in Lapland when it is very cold in winter and they are expected to survive there. Recently some American soldiers were in the winter training in Lapland with some Finnish forces. People in Finland are used to cooler temperatures.