We decided to have a second child

I’m so happy…the bad times are past us, we looked each other in the eye one day and decided we trust each other enough to have a secod child right about now.

I’m starting a new job, I’m pretty much stable (even though from time to time I am afraid I might have a new attack, turns out I was simply not eating enough and not drinking water and sleeping enough, thus the bad state of mind). I can’t wait to start working again, to be preggers again, this time I’ll make it work just fine, the new poo factory will have me next to him/her from the very start, I won’t repeat the mistakes I’ve made with my first son.

We can do this. I know I am odd and have weird moods and manic states, but I’m learning fast. When my children will be a bit older, I’ll be there for them, I am sure.


Congratulations. I’m glad to hear you’re doing so well.

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One thing you may want to talk to your doctor about @anon33673328: are your meds safe to take during pregnancy?

Very good news. I’m rooting for you. I really want kids. Everyone on here who fights this illness, has kids and makes it through their day… gives me a lot of hope.

I’m glad your in the spot of life that you can do this. :baby_bottle: :baby:

Good luck and hope this goes smoothly for you. You’ve already said you’ll keep a good eye on your health.

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Congratulations Zupa!


Children are wonderful…until I find myself stuck somewhere where there are a hundred of them all screaming joyfully as lights flash and music blares and the sound of forty arcade games being simultaneously played echoes inside my skull.

But no really children are truly wonderful. I recently became an uncle to a beautiful baby boy whom I’ve yet to meet. My brother and his wife gave him my middle name as his first name so I suppose he’s even named in my honor. This makes me an uncle x2…a double uncle as I’m now referring to myself. I also have a nine year old niece who I’ve always adored and I know looks up to me very much but is never afraid to say things like “Your house keeping habits are horrendous!” Ha. In many ways she has kept me going in life.

@alien99 The way we see it, if there is any developmental effect on the baby’s brain durig pregnancy it will be compensated during infancy. We weighed down the benefits of the drug with the possible risks that there are and we decided to stay on the minimum dose possible of Abilify, even though there is not enough information about it to be sure it’s safe for pregancy. The pdoc will have to agree, it’s not like there is more information available other than three or four human pregnancies which went perfectly fine, but as long as we decide to stay on Abilify during it, she should not differ. I’ll be eating fine, not smoking, not drinking, not taking who-knows what other substances, so I will only expose the child to one risk which, in absence of any relevant data is of 50% possibility to have or not have a problem as a result of the AP. I’ll take that, sounds just like everything else in this life.

@SurprisedJ Kids do give you a lot of hope. Also a lot of new expectations to which you need to rise. Also a lot of motivation to do all the things you did not deem possible. I’m not a good parent yet, but I’m on my way to becoming one.

@crimby , @Wave, @mussel thank you so much. I don’t know if it’s the future child I’m happy about, or the regained trust in my relationship with my husband, but it’s so much better anyway…


One day, my son will probably tell me the same thing. Ha. :stuck_out_tongue: