We are losing a generation of young people to phentanyl

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Opiates is always a loss. It’s hard how they did the medicated opiates over in the states and cruelled a lot of people. It’s a lose/lose situation for sure and the artificial stuff really does suck.

Still. Best painkillers for humans so that is the thing. There is a use for them but abuse takes far too many lives and It’s rare that people get over them.


I’m ready to buy Narcan when the fentanyl disaster reach my home town. Every youngsters life are pressures.

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Yeah but opiate use is a choice. Grew up with heroin addicts. Saw some really good people get lost. It’s a cruel thing for sure but you’ve got to make that choice.

Be educated about chemicals. It really is a no brainer but we are sz and there’s few drugs most of us can do so it’s not just opiates in our community that are a problem.

Drugs are all through society. We need better policy management as the war on drugs failed horribly.

It’s 2023. We need holistic approaches to why people use substances and strategies and education to overcome the negatives.

Honestly. I’m all for total legalisation. You get your dope from your doctor and they can monitor and control doses etc…it’s a complicated topic and it’s probably not the best website to go into it considering the history of substance abuse for self medicating in our community.


In the U.S., Naloxone is now available over-the-counter.


The world and people are complicated.

Substance abuse does not define a person in my opinion. Everyone is different.

I agree with @rogueone it should be legalized, then there would be no black market / laced up fake substances and crime rings, like look at cannabis legalization as an example.


I know everything about craving and addiction in regards to alcohol 21 years ago .If it hadn’t been for Clopixol that made it impossible to get a buzz from alcohol I would have died from alcohol 10 years ago.
My father got Lewis’s body’s dementia and two kinds of deadly cancers and ended in a wheel chair because he broke a leg at 70’s.
He drank 12 beers every day for 50 years.
He died at age 76 years.
So can I just save one youngsters with narcan Ill do so.


I’m not saying don’t but it’s a complicated issue and your saying your an addict already so that clouds your thinking anyways.

All’s I’m saying. It’s a complicated topic and not sure the benefit to a board of people suffering schizoprhenia.

Yeah it’s shite but it was no different back in my day with heroin. Not sure what your point is…You can’t save everyone and drug use is ultimately a choice to go down that rabbit hole. Not sure why stockpiling narcan is appropriate ???

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I’m not nearly as experient with narcotics but I got a second chance and that I won’t forget when another persons life is endangered.

fentanyl is so dangerous…it’s rampant in the black market in oklahoma.

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A guy from my old church was a contractor. He fell off a roof and got injured. He got addicted to pain meds and ended up losing his marriage.


Hear hear.

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A short video put out by the CDC a couple of years ago

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Not necessarily. Criminals are cutting a lot of street drugs with Fentanyl these days. It’s super cheap and boosts the effects of whatever it is cut into, letting you use less of the expensive drug and more filler. The problem is that F is so damn potent that you can easily kill people by cutting wrong. You never had to worry about your weed being spiked with opiates two decades back. That is why I told my kid that if she does use weed, for the love of gawd PLEASE buy it from a legit dispensary. A kid in my daughter’s uni nearly died last year because the E tabs they bought to party on were spiked with F. A nearly fatal dose. Lucky for her someone at the rave had a naloxone kit. (I carry one with me now, too.)

I was riding my scooter along the river trails in Calgary this summer when I found this guy sprawled next to the path. I pulled over and checked his vitals, which were pretty thready. Called 911 and it looked like the guy had overdosed on narcotics. They asked if I had a naloxone kit, which I did as they are available for free. I gave him the dose they said to on the phone, put him in the recovery position, and monitored his vitals until EMS showed up.

That is why they are handing out naloxone kits for free here.


Off cause we can talk of the subject with a bit of humor but it seems I’m little bit to German to do so.
There is a German word for that “ Ernstheit” and that means to take the subject serously.

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I was given fentanyl for pain after a surgery and it did absolutely nothing for me. I have no idea how people get hooked on it.

Same with morphine - it doesn’t relieve my pain and I don’t get a stoned feeling. I just get a little spaced out but it’s not some kind of warm fuzzy sensation.

I believe that others feel high from it and that’s how they get addicted, but it does nothing for me.


They are all on Fent over here in my town in the Uk. You can spot them a mile off - all malnourished with a skeletal bony face.

Word is they are mixing it with everything.

I tried heroin ONCE smoking off a foil and promptly puked when in prison. Smells like almonds. Honestly dont see the attraction. Im assuming that dirty junk is the same.


One of my friends died from fentanyl a couple years ago he was probably 26 years old


I was on morphine once for my back. I didn’t get high but I did get constipated.


You were probably given a super low dose to keep you from becoming addicted.