Two nights ago a boy died while partying with my daughter and her friends

He was 17. He died from Fentanyl overdose. So sorry for his folks. So sorry for his friends and our community. And I selfishly am thankful it wasn’t my child. I hope this wakes her up.


We had a girl drop dead in the middle of her after grad party here in town. Fentanyl also suspected. She was 17 and very healthy otherwise.


Illegal drugs are even more dangerous these days, I hear, because Fentanyl is often mixed in with them.


I heard something like that fentynal is 100 of times more potent that even heroine. Excuse me if I’m mistaken. I’m sorry to hear about this…very sad to hear, my condolences…


I heard fentanyl is mixed with benzos now adays or has been circulating.

Apparently it knocks you out.
You pass out within seconds of taking it but your much more passed out than you are on heroin.

What a worry for you having your daughter in such a situation.
Hope she will get better from it.:pray:t4:


my sisters fiancé overdosed from heroin lased with fentanyl

he was only 20 and was sober for 2 months i think it was

then he ran into a seller at his apartment who gave it to him

i think he was looking for a new client

very sad it was his third overdose

he survived the first two with Narcan and cpr

but the last one he was alone with no one to find him till it was too late

my sister is still devastated over it

i’m sorry you and those around you had to go threw it

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