Ways I'm trying to overcome and prevent paranoia


I’m realizing I have to make lifestyle changes to feel better. I’m avoiding and limiting some negative things and adding some positive things, such as: avoid or limit news, avoid conspiracy theory sites and videos. limit or avoid coffee and alcohol. Avoid or limit scary movies or books. limit nicotine and sugar. Don’t isolate (go to meetings, groups and doctor appointments even when I don’t feel like it). Get fresh air and if breathing allows, exercise. Stay in the moment instead of dwelling on the past or fearing the future. Developing calming hobbies such as coloring or crafts. Forgiving self and others. Noticing and dwelling on the good things and memories. Drinking calming teas and taking gabapentin regularly. Reading positive things while enjoying my heating pad. Reality testing and discussing fears with therapist (no matter how embarrassing). Getting out of my head and getting with others, searching for and doing calming activities. I, also like the serenity prayer. Has anybody else found ways to improve your paranoia or delusions? If so please share them.


I suffer from fears and paranoia, and I dont think that taking more meds is a good or healthy solution for me.

I too would like to know how others cope with their paranoia.


That’s great that you are limiting certain things that could be harmful for your physical and mental health but you also need to take the proper medication as well to limit your symptoms of schiz

But you probably know that already :smile:


I also read a Zen article the other day and found comfort I might look into it some more.


Don’t be an anarchist

Or get into graffiti


Think realistically about what would happen and how your life would be affected if your delusion was real.

This person can read my thoughts! Wow and they still want to spend time with me.
Organization X is monitoring my every move! Wow that seems incredibly boring.
They are trying to screw me over! Possibly ‘they’ are people and we do that, let’s see how this plays out.

Zen was mentioned earlier it has helped me too. It’s basically about experiencing life with an open mind. Things aren’t good or bad, things are.


I also try to avoid alcohol to reduce my paranoia. Caffeine is more of a struggle but I keep trying to limit it as well. Exercise is really important for me. Spending time outdoors, cooking, and reading books also help.


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