Does scary movies do the same thing to you?

when y’all watch movies that are scary. does that trigger your voices or seeing things that are not their. cause when i watch like Halloween or anything of the sort. it triggers what i see that is not real. and it sucks cause is taking over what i watch on t.v. but i just got my shot today. and i am watching the amittvill movie. and i am seeing the creepy stuff on the movie. in my house… thanks for reading my ramble just wanted to put that out here thanks

It’s normal to imagine things you saw at the movie will reappear in real life. That’s just your imagination playing with you. After a few weeks, you’ll forget what you saw :smile:

I remember when I saw The Conjuring I kept looking at the back of my car while driving home. Now I laugh at the scenes that scared me.

No, horror movies don’t bother me I rather enjoy a good horror movie every now and again. Some shows do bother me though, I’ll watch Ghost adventures with my parents and while the show itself doesn’t frighten me the constant flashing of images, and spinning images and whatnot they like the throw in at random points tends to bother me and I get that happen in my brain a while after watching the show.

Also I do watch Dr.Phil in the afternoon and when he calls outs 20/30 year olds who still live at home and are being supported by their parents and refers to them as mooches gets under my skin because I’m 34 and still live at home, and somewhat rely on my parents for help financially. This is when I start fighting with the inner critic in myself thinking I must be worthless because I can’t get a job and support myself. I know on another thread someone mentioned having a job doesn’t equal self worth but in my mind being able to financially care for yourself is a positive thing and it frustrates me because of my illness I can’t. Then the voices start coming full on calling me lazy, telling me I’m not really sick, that I’m just pretending so I don’t take charge of my life and on and on. It doesn’t matter if I watch him or not, I can go days/weeks without watching Dr. Phil, but his negative voice dwells in my head.

quite the opposite for me. I watch horror movies to “scare” my brain straight.


I refuse to watch scary movies. I’ve maybe seen like 4 in my whole life

I enjoy watching horror movies. they have cause some bad side effects a couple times. But for the most part they don’t :slight_smile:

Maybe it’s just me… but I can’t handle them… too intense…

I don’t like scary movies because they are silly and stupid to me. I would kill the antagonist if I were in the same predicament the protagonists are in. Little empathy for horror movie characters to be honest, but I do realize that most people aren’t like me.

They’re just dumb. My life is scary, and it’s real, scary movies are to fill the void of fear in typical people.

So no they don’t make my symptoms worse, they make me laugh and that’s an inappropriate reaction to people being killed. But is makes sense because I laugh at how stupid and easy the antagonists are. And at how corny the movies are.

And I laugh because it’s basically trying and failing to capture a feeling of horror, and I feel that way often in reality so it’s silly to me. I can see why normal people would like scary movies though; they aren’t uh cursed to living in constant nightmares waking or sleeping like I am and feel like testing the waters.

Dude I live on a boat in those waters.

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I can’t watch horror movies too. Specially the ones about possession.
I feel it too intensely.

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That’s really odd - movies about possession or souls give me nightmares for weeks. I can’t stand watching them.

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Maybe because the reality of possession is somehow more ‘real’ than stories about ghosts and vampires.
The last movie on that subject I watched three years ago, it was The Rite with Anthony Hopkins. I think I handled it for about 30 minutes.

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You’ve got a point there - I mean, watching myself behave horribly and frighteningly while I huddle in a corner of my mind thinking, “why can’t I stop why can’t I stop” is not an alien concept at all, unfortunately.


I haven’t been diagnosed with SZ, but I do have anxiety and I can’t handle scary movies. I’ve found it easier to just not watch them. One time I did actually exhibit paranoid behavior: after I watched The Sixth Sense, I lost my appetite, because the scariest part of that movie to me was the little girl who’d been poisoned to death because her mother had Munchausen’s by proxy. Subconsciously, I think I was actually afraid of being poisoned. I could barely eat for a month.

As for Dr. Phil…

Honestly that doesn’t surprise me, even if you weren’t SZ. Dr. Phil’s favorite thing seems to be making people feel worthless. I’d recommend just not watching him at all.

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no…because i am the scariest thing/person i know… :scream:
you know that person/wierdo who lives in town or a city or a village…and everyone avoids them…because they are :ghost: ’ scary ’ :imp:…that’s me.
not proud of it…but that is how people see me !?!
take care :alien:

But most people are limited and stupid and they deserve to be scared.