Watching Birds on the Dancefloor

I love to watch the birds doing their thing:


Hahaha… you’ve made my day! Thank you! :joy:

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Yo… @flybottle

what do you think of ratatat?

I like the first half of the tune very much :slight_smile: Nice groove in the bassline and that (guitar?) lick works very well… wouldn’t mind hearing that loop for a little longer instead of the switch to the second part.

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yeah ratatat has a tendency to mix up their diamonds with coal… but their new album is good

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that’s a nice expression I didn’t know of… will add that to my repertoire :smile:

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better give credit where credit is due :slightly_smiling:

mofuck hahah

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Now, find a video of a dancing beagle and I would really be impressed.

@77nick77 Would you settle for a dancing golden retriever?

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