Scotty 5-30-16 Redo from the other night

Ty you all who support my hobby :slight_smile:


damn scotties got some movez! groovez! i bet he drinks the booze…

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hes a straight shooter bro :slight_smile: hes too busy working on his tunes to drink booze :slight_smile:

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I like the scotty dog addition.

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Ty @Moonbeam 1515

Is the rap lame? A girl i know who claims to be a friend called it a lame rap

Not being sensitive about it. Im just curious of others views. I myself find it silly funny and i think she was mad at me and being spiteful taking a shot at me

Ok i don’t know how to make a poll on here …

So is his rap comical or lame? The choice is yoursyours…

Ah forget it. No one wants to respond apparently. Ill continue to produce my toons myself and fug the world


This brought a smile to my face. I like the dog walking with Scotty. Ty.

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