Waste of money

I bought a van thinking I would go back into landscaping

It was a lot of money, and now I need to sell it as landscaping isn’t going to work out

Just as I try and sell it the Powertrain light has come on and it has lost power. The engine mounts are displaced, and need replacement

The sliding door mechanism is also broken

I am flipping out right now

Looking at what I can see on Google, I am going to have to spend roughly £2000 to fix it, and it has dropped another £1000 in less than 6 months value

That means I potentially wasted £3000 on this stupid purchase.

All that time I sat at the desk saving money for my future benefit has been thrown away because of my stupid impulsive decisions.

I am pretty upset.


Cars are rarely a good investment.

Cut your losses and move on.


It sounds painful, but at least you were trying something. You deserve credit for that.


sorry to hear this, you know you might look up jobs uesing a van and see if any fit.

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Why a van and not a truck? You could fix it and still do it.

Maybe keep the van and do some camping?


Fix the van, keep it, put a mattress in it and do some adventures.

Then after if you still want to sell atleast you will of got enjoyment out of it


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