I spoke to my case worker

I broke down on the phone and got really upset

After the fiasco of trying to sell my van last night I suffered greatly to paranoia and anxiety

Went to bed at 8pm, but it kept me awake until 2am

She told me to take 5mg Diazepam PRN


Hope u are ok man. Sometimes its good to show emotions


Sorry to hear you was suffering mate. Having things stuck in your head is a nightmare. Its PRN Quetiapine for me when im like that. They say its psychotic anxiety in my case. I say its because im surrounded by arseholes lol :smiley:


It’s stressful to deal with a bunch of potential buyers who all try to emphasize flaws of the van to get the price as low as possible.

If it’s not too much of a price difference I would sell it to a car dealer or something. You’re well-being and ease of mind is also worth something.


IDK if this will help. You can try Parkers too.

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