Was feeling like crap then had a kickass cup of tea

Honestly it was like medicine. I feel better about the world now


Have you tried any of exotic tea?

I used to drink Indian Chai tea with extra spices. Absolute kickass beverage.

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Might just be the hotness of the tea and not the actual herbs thats making you feel good. I bet if you had hot water, it have the same effect


Would like to try a spiced chai latte some time. Looks amazing. At the moment just sticking with regular black tea with milk.

What is your go to day-to-day tea?

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I’m little bit different than most of people.

I put a butter in my coffee and tea. As ancient Tibetans used to put a yak butter in theirs. They call it Yak Butter Tea, and it’s actually a traditional drink of theirs. :slight_smile:

My most favorite to go tea is probably green tea (however not on empty stomach) :hugs:

How about yours?

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I woke up feeling like crap probably necause I didn’t have a nap yesterday. I’ve noticed a correlation.

But 3.5 cups of coffee haven’t helped. So it’s just going to be a bad day.


Sorry to hear that. Fight on today for a better tomorrow :slight_smile:


Yeah yak butter tea is supposed to be the best. And the energy hit you get from it lasts hours apparently.

I am British so I enjoy a black tea blend which is popular here - is called Yorkshire tea

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Sorry buddy. That sucks for sure.

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Must be the caffiene you should try a energy drink for a real kick

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For me coffee and tea are just hot drinks . They don’t make the world seem better or worse.

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i use twinings english breakfast tea :slight_smile: yummy

been thinking if i get a strainer and just use leaf then its better for the environment
i guess

and it a bit more classy haha


3 cups of black tea and I’m up and running,sometimes.

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