Wanting to die

Out of know where everything gets so quiet all you can hear is your own heartbeat. Then It becomes a loud banging I have to listen to music to make it stop. Meds don’t work much for me. I have tried almost all of them. tired.

I’ve been on twenty meds not all at once. I intend to stay on haldol. Hugs

At times it seems tough. But you can get through it.


Nice post Roxanna.

Things can get better.

Miracles do happen.

To feel hopelessness can be pretty heavy.
Along with it may come a feeling of being unloved and alone and deeply depressed with apathy and overwhelming feelings .

I believe you can get through it and feel better.

Things can get better.

Wishing you love :two_hearts:,peace , hope , faith.



I had two months of this and feeling like I was burning alive. It takes a toll but can actually be a process to change your behavior and mindset in ways you don’t recognize but is recognizable to other people. It should go away:… hang in there.

I wish you all the best.

I’m sorry to hear this I hope things improve soon

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