Wanting to be comforted like the end of movie 'Moonlight'

I would like to meet a girl like the dude does in the movie scene end. There is much pain in my heart. Having to live life with dead brain, and being heavily stigmatized to the point u hide ur condition from people. If u have seen the movie, remember the ending scene, its what i would like atm

Yes this post might make no sense if u havent watched or dont truly understand


Beautiful post; I hope you find what you’re looking for. :blue_heart:

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Thx @Tomasina, i can count on you. U r a good person. Hopefully u can find a guy to do same thing with if u already dont. :heart:

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You mean the other guy? Not the main character? He was married to a woman. While the main character guy was gay. I think the other guy was bi but preferred women.

Like the main character at the end in the guys arms in that pic. That last scene in the movie had a powerful effect.

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