Letting my sun go

You were the sun and I was the moon
In a past life you were mine and I was yours.
Heaven was with you.
A white staircase holding books confused
Did you make me a hopeless romantic.
With you I die in some sort of way that can have so many speculations from marriage to nom existant and a physical death.
Did you ever miss me?.
Was there any point in time where you thought I miss her. Or did you at a point in time say I’m ready to settle down. You married a beautiful woman we broke up. But I never stopped loving you.
But you drove the knife deeper when I found out who you really were. And I chose you based off of physical need and the way you make me feel. There is sexual desire but I’m more into the whole enchelada sex love n heaven.
Why are you torturing me?. I’m actually crazy. Ur not. So why do you do all these things.
I’m giving up as a cure.
I choose u
I love you.
Im sorry I keep thinking ur messing with me bc I’m self absorbed but this isn’t about me :sob:

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