Want to go off meds one more time

So my pdoc seems to think it might be possible for me to attempt to go off meds but this time more slowly than when I attempted to do it before. Not now but in a couple of months time or maybe even a year.

The last time I tried this I was only attempting to get off my 5MG Aripiprizole. I went a bit weird over the following 3 weeks off them. I went off it cold turkey. Not psychotic but irritable all the time, always on edge, sad, upset for stupid reasons, couldn’t concentrate at work… So I had to go back on my 5MG dose again.

Everything was going goood but then about 6-9 months later I had a bount of short depression and had to up the dose to 7.5mg Abilify. But now they’ve decreased that back down to 5.

I don’t know I still feel I don’t have schiz because its almost 5 years and no sign of psychosis. Most people say labels aren’t important and to an extent I do agree but I feel this is a misdiagnosis and the other thing is I hate being on antipsychotics

Even if you dont have SZ but have bipolar - you still may have to go on meds really.
I know that the bipolar type 1 variety - the kind I have really needs medication management.
You can still be hospitalized and have breakdowns with bipolar - 5 to 7.5 mg of Abilify is a very low dose - Abilify is harmless to the body compared to the other APs.
I would seriously consider staying on it if you feel better on it.
There is a good chance that you will get much worse off meds - then you are back to square 1

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I think most pdocs would tell you to just quit the 5mg and go cold turkey saying it isn’t an effective dose but I have seen a few people on these forums over the years in which 5mg is an effective dose, these are powerful drugs. If I were you and I was going to reduce I would try and get the liquid solution abilify that way you can reduce at a 1mg a time maybe even 0.5mg a time.


I tried to go off Zyprexa once - just got down to 5mg and quit. My experience led me to think that I had a reaction to going down on Zyprexa itself, because of extreme symptoms I hadn’t had before. So it could be some of these drugs pose their own set of ‘symptoms’ when you try to stop them. I don’t know about Abilify and my general suspicion hasn’t been mentioned to me by a Dr.

It could also be that you haven’t been psychotic because you’ve been medicated. If I were you I’d really want to know if I do need the medicine. However you might pay the price of a psychotic episode.