Gutted... :(

I didn’t get onto the course. I asked them why and waiting to hear from them. I suppose I can apply through clearing but I honestly can’t be bothered because I’m not going to get in.

Oh Ish… I am soo sorry to hear this.

I’m glad you followed up and asked why. Hopefully it will be something that can be fixed like a placement test or something that will offer a second chance. Or maybe look into a different school that will take you.

This job idea is very wonderful and I bet you would be very good at it. I hope you find a different path to this worthy goal.


It was the one of the only two unis in London who offered the course. I will try the other option but I am really not that keen on the uni :frowning:

sorry ish. i hope you can find something else you can do x

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Sometimes the helping professions, like occ therapy or nursing, are hard to get into. They have very high standards for admittance, because you are dealing with people’s lives.

When I applied to my Bachelors in Nursing program, I was initially denied. Just because the program was that competitive. So I applied again, and this time, I documented that I had been a pharmacy technician for 5 years. And thus had already been helping people at an advanced level. It worked, and I was accepted!

If you’re not keen on this other uni, perhaps you can get into the helping profession and get some experience that will impress the admissions office at the uni of your choice.

There are helping professions that take only a few months to get into: such as pharmacy technology or Nursing Assistant.

Whatever you do, don’t give up! I can see that you are passionate about helping people, and I truly believe you will do an excellent job at it :slight_smile:

Many Blessings,



The reason why they rejected my application - I did not have a GCSE in English at Grade C and nor did I have an academic reference. This is what makes me feel worse: I do have GCSE equivalent in English but I did not put it down in my application because I thought my degree was more relevant. I’m going to try get in through clearing and if that fails I will apply again next year. Thanks so much guys for the support, it really means so much to me. I’m not giving up just yet.