Wanna Date Me?

Hi, I’m Sagar Gorijala, the author of “Fundamental Theory Of Existence”.

Here is my theory…

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I’m offcially 33 but my true date of birth is 19/01/1980 [ age 34 ]

and, I never had a girl friend… I was shy all my life. I’m still Virgin and looking for a girl friend.

Are you interested?


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Good luck, when I was younger in Finland in the 1980s I had many girlfriends. Once I had two or three at the same time. Then I got married in America and that relationship lasted from 1990 to 2000, nearly 10 years. I have not dated anybody since then. During my 780±autoliving in America I saw many beautiful women, but I could not invite anybody to my place, my auto in a parking lot nearby.

A funny thing happened in 1988. Three of my ex-girlfriends had got together and mailed me a postcard that they all had signed. I viewed it as a joke. One ex-girlfriend mailed me a postcard from NYC in 1988 and so on and so on. I suppose they all had a sense of humor.

Is anyone out there waiting for me?

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