Walked my dog


I knew I wanted to do this someday. We walked around the block today for starters. My dog, Aesop, except for barking at one neighbor, was good on his lead. He did a doodle under someone’s bush, but that was OK. And he peed a few times. Only took us 5-10 minutes. I mostly did it to strengthen the connection I have with Aesop, who’s a very intelligent animal. His vocabulary is greater than I know, and he can point with his nose to the things he needs.


Good going, sounds like you two did a great job going for a walk! :smiley:


I’m too afraid to walk my dogs. Great job!!! I know that was hard!!!


Yeah, Aesop is a bit aggressive toward strangers, so I had to be careful. But I stayed calm while he patrolled the neighborhood. Thank you! Good luck with yours!


Yeah my last dog was very anxious on the lead.
He would bark at strangers and other dogs.

Good for you @Borath!


That’s wonderful! I hope you feel productive and reoriented! A walk with your dog can center you. Well done!


I’m so glad you are getting out and spending time with your dog. What kind of dog is it? I love his name!


He’s a blue heeler, AKA Australian cattle dog. Very smart breed. Thanks for asking!