Waking up with the voices


I’m pretty stable for almost a year but with some low voices that I can normally block out during the day. But they seem to be at the worst at night in between my sleep cycles, when it’s like waking up into a conversation. Does anyone else get this too?


All my symptoms are worse at night, when I’m tired and can’t fight them off.


Yeah, the voices are somewhat more audible at night, when I’m half-conscious.


Same here. Happened today. It was bad for a couple of days before today. Then this morning I heard them but didn’t really thought the day. Now I can hear them a little bit not so loud.


Same happens all the time the more I try to block them out the louder they get and the worse of a headache as well


Thank you for letting me know that it’s not just me. The first few times I ever heard them was in the middle of the night, I wonder how and if it relates to our sleep somehow.