Lately the voices

I have been lately awoken by my voices speaking to me.
Does anyone else have this


I have voices when I fall asleep, but no they don’t wake me up.

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That has never happened to me that’s unusual
They woke you up?

Yeah they’re been awaking me


I do wake up sometimes because I hear the doorbell but there is no one there.

Maybe that’s the same mechanism.

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I’m hearing a murmuring conversation take part, between two people.
When nobody is around

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Is it disturbing what they’re saying or is it acceptable can it just exist in the background?
That doesnt sound too bad

Generally in the background
Between someone I liked and someone else, not even close

Oh people from IRL that’s not good

I hear them all the time. I am wide awake and buzzing in my head and silent outside. Meds put me to sleep and voices again wake me up.

i hear voices in my sleep. they have woken me in the past but it’s rare.

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