Waking up out of a dream

I wish life were a dream, but it’s not. Dreams are during sleep and that’s why I hate waking up in the morning. Time to get up, no more dreaming.


I have vivid, lucid and memorable dreams. Waking up, getting out of bed and making coffee is quite an affair for me. It takes an hour.

My best ideas come from dreaming. Also waking up is a process for me. Two cigarettes a cup of coffee I’m up and ready to go.

I’m with you. I loooove dreaming. They are almost always very lucid and I can control what happens quite often. I really enjoy having dreams about pets that are no longer with me, as well as my mother who passed. I enjoy the dreams but I don’t like waking up to find that she is gone.
But I love to fly, ride horses, and do interesting things that I’d normally not do when I’m awake


Me too, I love to dream. Especially when I can stay under water like a fish.
When I stopped welbutrin, it gave me the yuckiest, most vivid, uncomfortable dreams I’ve ever experienced.

My dreams are long lost back when I was doing stints off of medication. I feel like I’m being robbed of a lot of my essence one of life’s essentials.

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