Lucid Dreaming

Have any of you ever experienced lucid dreaming? I’ve been lucid dreaming and waking up from the dream with sleep paralysis nearly every night, Tonight was a little different because after I realized I was in a dream and I couldn’t get out of it I tried everything and couldn’t pull myself out, I was stuck in the dream for nearly an hour and after awhile I began to believe that I’d died in my sleep, Has anyone else ever experienced this?

I wake up in lucid dreams all the time.
I haven’t had an experience as long as yours though.
I have woken up in paralysis a couple of times.

Usually when I lucid dream and wake up I am trying to solve some kind of problem or I am in a negative situation with a group of people.

Once I can realize that I am awake, I usually can say f this and get out of the dream.
I become frustrated with the situation and release myself.
Other times I realize that I am just doing something weird in bed and stop it.

It is possible to free yourself from the dreams once you realize it’s not real.
I guess I just have a lot of practice.

Normally it’s extremely easy, I can usually wake up from them just by losing concentration within the lucid dream, I was in my house but it was day instead of night and there was a huge fire burning in the fire pit outside and I was looking out the window at it and one of my family members told me that there’s a good reason for that fire burning then I was suddenly outside looking at it, That’s when I realized I was in a dream and I couldn’t get out of it, I went back in the house but after I entered I was in a different location in the home and there was no door behind me, I started yelling I need to wake up and slapping myself in the face and couldn’t get out of it. I started controlling the dream and levitating and talking in deeper voices like I always do and eventually went into my room and tried to fall asleep thinking that would pull me out of it, I couldn’t fall asleep and I couldn’t wake up, I started yelling, “AM I DEAD”, “I CANT WAKE UP I NEED TO WAKE UP”, I Remember going downstairs again after all that and don’t even remember now the exact point where I’d awoken. Definitely one of the worst situations I’ve ever been in.

Glad you made it through.
Try not to let it bother you.
Sometimes if I dwell on a dream I had, I will end up back in the same situation.
So, it’s best to just let it go.

Yeah I’ve been lucid dreaming since I was a young child. My lucidity rate interestingly dropped drastically after developing PTSD but has increased slowly over the years since. I’d say maybe 50-60% of my dreams are lucid now. I have all kinds of amazing powers in them. At times in my life where I was badly depressed I’d always hate that I couldn’t live in my dreams and that I felt so handicapped here compared to them.

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