Waking up nervous and breathing funny

Ive been waking up with a ton of anxiety lately. My motor movements are off to. I have trouble using my hands in the morning. They get stuck in position when im in bed and my head doesnt want to go all the way down on the pillow. Could this be a med problem? This anxiety has lasted all day. My doctor doesnt want to prescribe me anything other than the 30mg of buspar 2x a day. Its infuriating. I need something to take the edge off

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Does anyone have experience with benzodiazipines?

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I don’t like them for me but most people love them.

They don’t relax me but instead give a touch of anxiety.

They relax most people though.

Hope you will get help.

Sounds like you are having rough days.

I think you should talk to your dr about benzos to help you cope with anxiety or take it away.

Take care!:pray:t4:

Maybe see another dr for benzos or anxiety calming meds if that dr won’t prescribe.

Keep til you find one that will help you.