Waiting on the bus to cone. A guy sat in his truck

Talking on phone . He got out and went behind me taking pics of flowers a front. He kept staring at me walking around. I didn’t get my taser out because the bus was coming up. Really pissed me off.

Lady on bus said something stupid at me but I had headphones on.

Please do not start on the no one’s out to get you. Stand in my shoes.

Confrontation diverted.

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You should try lavender oil it might help soothe you @roxanna

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Yes. I almost ran across the street. The bus luckily was coming

do you feel you send out a signal

once had two young punks at Family Dollar fart when Phil crossed them

laughed and laughed


I didn’t react but wanted to.

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I attract bullies/harassers, people that have the same diagnosis as me, assholes.

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