Vraylar is Now Available in my Country would I try it?

Vraylar is Now Available in my Country
anyone tried it with success
does it differ from other antipsychotics
did it improve your cognitive symptoms (concentration - memory …etc ) ???
does it affect weight - Lipids(cholesterol…)
-blood sugar

Which country? Canada?
I am waiting for it to become available in Canada.

No an Arab country

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Its similar to Abilify and Rexulti, all are partial dopamine agonists.

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Partial dopamine agonists are supposed to be better for negative symptoms.

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I tried abilify before and it was a horrific experience
I hope this one is different


I was on Vraylar! I couldn’t sleep even one day but it made me so like happy and invincible I was doing things even without sleeping for a month just pop it in the morning and felt good too bad, couldn’t sleep :evergreen_tree:


Vraylar landed me in the psych hospital for 5 weeks.
Never again.


I’m on it, it works great.

Yes abilify is horrendous. I went back to perphenazine. It wouldn’t hurt to try vraylar. Talk with your pdoc soon.hugs