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Vraylar in Europe



i contacted the Company to find out when Vraylar would be out in Australia…this is what they said.

Cariprazine was developed by Gedeon Richter for the treatment of schizophrenia and bipolar maniac disorder and was launched in the US in March 2016 as Vraylar®. Cariprazine is currently available only in the US, however, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) is currently evaluating our marketing authorization application of Cariprazine. Hopefully the product will be available in the European Union soon and then Cariprazine can be rolled out in other countries, too.

For anyone who might be interested.




Thanks for the info. So that means we’ll know if it got approved in the EU in a month or less? I have high hopes for it. Though my life is not that bad, I’d really like to get off the dreaded Risperidone. My pdoc said that even if it doesn’t get approved in my country and it does get approved in Europe then I could still get it but would have to pay some amount.


Vraylar is very expensive. Hopefully, you can get it covered.


Vraylar sound viking No?